These days, it seems like there’s a new superhero movie every month, and while that may seem awesome on some level, it does run the risk of over-saturation, a problem made all the worse by Hollywood’s tendency to reuse actors from other superhero franchises. I’m looking at you, Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds!

What we need to keep things fresh as some well… fresh faces. As such, here are 5 actors DC should cast

5. Charlie Hunnam as Green Arrow

Despite having a hit show under his belt in Sons of Anarchy, Charlie Hunnam has yet to hit it big on the silver screen. He’s had his ventures, sure. Anyone remember Pacific Rim? That was mindless fun. But what Hunnam has been seeking since the wrap of Sons is a breakout role he can sink his teeth into. Nobody questions his commit. Hell, he told director Guy Ritchie while auditioning for the part of Arthur in this Summer’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword that he would go as far as to fight his competition for the role -competition, mind you, that included Superman himself, Henry Cavill. That’s dedication! Shame the film ended up being a hot mess…

As for Oliver Queen, we’ve seen a pair of men don the green hood on television, but as The Flash has shown us, the DCEU doesn’t necessarily feel the need for continuity. As such, especially considering their big screen ventures as generally far darker than their television counterparts, it makes sense to go with a more grizzled Oliver Queen. Hunnam, in addition to having some name recognition, looks to be a dead ringer for Mr. Queen.

4. Jason Statham as Deathstroke

Let’s be honest: people want to see Deathstroke on the big screen. But if DC is going to pull the trigger, it needs a proper casting with some star power -similar to Sony casting Tom Hardy for the role of Venom. Jason Statham should be a no-brainer. No stranger to high-octane action roles, Statham would bring a degree of legitimacy other stars would be hard-pressed to match.

Considering Deathstroke is considered the deadliest of assassins in the DC Universe, often going head to head with the biggest names, sometimes the entire Justice League, it makes sense to swing big for his casting. Sign someone who can not only play the role once and deliver but who can be a recurring threat. Basically, if DC has any common sense, they should jump on this now while Statham is at the height of his star power (and when a film could come out on the heels of his new Fast and Furious spin-off with The Rock).

3. Idris Elba as The Green Lantern (John Stewart)

No stranger to comic book film adaptations, Idris Elba is a phenomenally talented actor who can deliver not only in the action department but also the emotional highs and lows necessary for true character development. Sure, Elba has played the role of Heimdall in the Thor series, but he’s been criminally under-utilized to date. Meanwhile, despite the film flopping due to a rushed, under-developed screenplay, Elba proved with the recent Stephen King adaption, The Gunslinger that he can own the role of resident badass. So how do you capitalize on this? Easy, you cast him as Jon Stewart.

Let’s be honest, the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern was bad. Like, really bad. Like, really really really…

For all intents and purposes, the best course of action, rather than trying to reboot Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern, would be to move on and pass the mantle to the Stewart. Additionally, millennial fans will remember the Justice League series of the early 2000’s on Cartoon Network wherein John Stewart was a crucial character. Assuming DC’s Justice League film doesn’t flop so hard it hurts, sequels can safely be expected. As such, why not bring in another big star and fan favorite in Elba’s John Stewart? It just makes sense.

2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Nightwing

Should this one even be considered a surprise? I mean, we did see Gordon-Levitt play the role of John “Robin” Blake in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises (and yes, they did lamely make John Blake’s legal name “Robin” in an attempt for a twist reveal…). Casting aside that dumb decision, it’s still worth considering the ending of Nolan’s film. Christian Bale’s Batman is retired and he’s officially passed the torch to Blake (Gordon-Levitt). But should Blake continue as the new Batman? Or would it make more sense to don a new mantle? It’s not that hard of a question, really. The only character fans want to see play Batman not named Bruce Wayne is perhaps Terry McGinnis of the futuristic Batman Beyond series. Barring a leap forward into the future, it’s safe to say it’s too early for the new Batman to rise.

As such, it only makes for “Robin” Blake (the only Robin presented thus far in the DCEU) to follow in the footsteps of Dick Grayson, the comic book Nightwing.

1. Jensen Ackles as Red Hood (Jason Todd)

It’s somewhat baffling to me that Jensen Ackles hasn’t become a major star already. Seriously, the guy can flat out act and he has tremendous range to his voice. Many fans didn’t even realize that Ackles was the voice of The Red Hood in the Batman animated feature, Batman: Under the Red Hood, wherein we learn that Jason Todd, the second Robin, has been revived and driven mad by the power of Ra’s Al Ghul’s Lazarus Pit. The result is the rise of a new vicious vigilante donning the previous mantle of the man who killed him, the Joker (before he became the Joker). Devastated and enraged by Batman not breaking his solemn rule and killing the Joker in an act of vengeance for his death, Todd sets about wiping out Gotham’s criminal underworld in the bloodiest fashion possible.

The emotional beats of this story are enthralling, and Ackles has, as he showed in voicing Todd in the animated film, is 100% capable of nailing the role. The only potential cause for hesitation on the studio’s part would be Ackles’s lack of big budget films. Despite the massive success of his CW paranormal series, Supernatural, the only recent theatrical film to his name is My Bloody Valentine, which received less than glowing reviews from critics. Part of that is likely due to Ackles’s admitted comfort with his current projects. Even still, comfortable or not, fans of the actor have routinely called for him to play the role of everything from Superman/Clark Kent to Captain America. While those obviously haven’t happened, it nevertheless feels like there’s a comic role out there for the San Antonio-born actor. On Supernatural Ackles’s Dean Winchester is a gruff, at times savage rogue with clear emotional damage laced throughout his history. If that’s not a perfect fit for Jason Todd then I don’t know what is.

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