Despite its efforts to bring Naughty Dog’s immensely successful franchise, Uncharted to the big screen, Sony has routinely been forced back to the drawing board. But, with the recent additions of Shawn Levy, producer of Stranger Things, in the Director’s seat, as well as Tom Holland of Spider-Man Homecoming being cast as young Nathan, things finally appear to be turning around. Hopefully, the other shoe doesn’t take long to drop and we get our leading man to play Nathan Drake. Who might that mythical casting be? Here are a few suggestions…


5. Bradley Cooper

A seasoned vet with both name recognition and a well-rounded resume, Bradley Cooper would be an ideal fit to take up the double-barrel and treasure map. Showing a knack for both comedy and ruggedness, Cooper could bring balance to the dual nature of Nate’s character. A loveable smartass possessed by his drive for greatness and adventure, Naughty Dog’s leading man requires a delicate touch, one Cooper would is more than capable of bringing to the table.

4. Jensen Ackles

I must admit, I’m a huge fan of Jensen Ackles. Playing Dean Winchester on the CW’s Supernatural the past 11 years, Ackles has shown tremendous range and excels in the essential “quiet” moments to offset his goofiness and smartass humor -a trait he shares with Nathan Drake. Playing the role of a rugged badass who’s battled monsters of all shapes and sizes, Dean Winchester knows ultimate of suffering. Ackles, meanwhile, expresses all of this with as little as a single look or expression. To date, however, his only movie roles have only been low-budget horror films and a straight-to-DVD animated Batman movie, Under the Red Hood. Some may be scared off by his lack of pedigree on the silver screen, but it’s only a matter of time before someone gives him a shot. It might as well be Sony who’s in need of a big, refreshing star to anchor its next franchise.

3. Gerard Butler

This one is admittedly the longest shot on this list in my opinion. No one questions Butler’s badassery, having starred in films such as 300 and Olympus has Fallen, but at age 47, he’s approaching “old man Drake” territory. And unless Sony is planning on making Uncharted 4, The Movie, he’s probably north of what they want…


2. Scott Eastwood scotteastwood

Remember when I said Gerard Butler was the longest shot on this list to play Nathan Drake? Yeah, I guess I lied. At least with regard to his fit for the role. Scott Eastwood’s resume is by far the least impressive on this list, having only one big film in his filmography in which he was the star, The Longest Ride. Sure Eastwood has the rugged good looks down, but we’ve yet to see the necessary balance from him other actors in his list have provided. So why’s he placed at number 2? Because his price tag will likely be the most affordable, and the fact that his unassuming body of work means he would be a refreshing casting, with no inclinations about past roles.

1. Chris Pratt

Ah yes. Here we are. Christopher Star-Lord-Jurassic-World-Presumably-Indiana-Jones Pratt. Getting used to seeing Chris Pratt on the big screen? There’s a good reason for that. The man is genuinely talented and funny, meaning he’s got Nathan’s necessary quirks down pat. Add to that his rugged good looks and skyrocketing stock and you have the face of a franchise begging to be signed. Sure, he might end up playing Indiana Jones in the series’ fifth installment, but unless that series is ready to go, he might be better suited taking a swing at a different action-adventure franchise with the potential for multiple installments. Hell, Uncharted was heavily inspired by the Indiana Jones series. This could easily be the perfect stepping stone to Pratt playing Dr. Jones. Or, you know, maybe creating a niche of his own rather than trying to take the reigns from the legendary Harrison Ford. Just an idea.

Darreck W. Kirby

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