At some point, this offseason, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is going to get a new contract and there’s a very real chance that the new deal — as long as it’s not the franchise tag — could end up paying him $35 million per year or more. Basically, Prescott holds almost all of the leverage in negotiations and he’s made it pretty clear that he’s not planning on giving the Cowboys any sort of hometown discount.

Although Prescott could conceivably try to break the bank with his new deal, at least one former Cowboys player doesn’t think he should go that route. Since the Cowboys have so many players to re-sign this offseason — like Amari Cooper and Byron Jones — Pro Football Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith thinks that Prescott should at least consider giving the team a discount so that there’s enough money to go around.

According to Smith, the discount makes sense, because Prescott would more than be able to make up for the lost income in endorsement deals since he’d be the quarterback for the most famous NFL franchise on the planet.

“Dak has to understand and maybe take another perspective,” Smith told The Adam Lefkoe Show this week. “The perspective may not be all the money you get, but how much of the money you’re willing to leave on the table, because the Cowboys are a marketable organization. If you’re the face of the franchise, instead of taking $35 [million], would you take $28 [million], and leave some for Amari and pick up the [lost money] through endorsements.”

One of the privileges of age is that if you’re lucky, you outlive anyone who can say it wasn’t so. This is a basic precept of parenting. Children don’t generally ask their parents if they practiced what they preach because they can’t imagine they were ever young or capable of anything. The older I get, the more I’m inclined to agree.

The problem for Emmitt Smith is that you can look this stuff up on Google.

In case you missed it, Emmitt was hawking his favorite tequila on a recent podcast called The Lefkoe Show when a question came up about his old team, the Cowboys. The host asked how the Joneses can possibly accommodate all their free agents, starting with Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper.

And that’s when Emmitt said Dak should take one for the team. Don’t try to get all the money you can. Especially when you already benefit financially by playing for the Cowboys.

“Instead of taking $35 million,” Emmitt proposed, “would you take $28 million and leave some for Amari and pick up the rest of the $35 million through endorsements?”

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