By Jacob Taylor
Game footage by Kristina Larmer

Action Role-Playing Games (ARPGs) are definitely some of the most influential games on the market (think Diablo 3, Path of Exile, etc.) The genre boasts strong in-game lore, unique class building, years worth of replayability, and LOOT. Who doesn’t love LOOT?!

The Last Epoch (ee-pok) is an up-and-coming ARPG game which reached its Kickstarter goal of $210,000 as well as met a stretch goal for Controller Support at $240,000. The game is slated for full release in April 2020. Based in Dallas, developer Eleventh Hour Games has thus far released a pre-Alpha stage, with all story and gameplay yet to be completed. However, a current demo, available on their website, let us sneak a quick peek of what’s to come.

Character Selections

© Eleventh Hour Games

There are 10 mastery classes planned for development but currently there are only 3 classes available to play. The Sorcerer, which allows for long-range, spell-based combat; the Voidknight, which gets you up close and personal with your two-handed weapons; and the Beastmaster, which allows you to summon wolves and bears to build an army of familiars. All of these classes are extremely fun to play and the controls feel very familiar to past ARPGs which makes the game very easy to pick up for both new player and seasoned veterans.

Skill Trees

© Eleventh Hour Games

Each playthrough we made of Last Epoch was engaging and different in every way. With the ability to specialize your character with different skill sets, Last Epoch’s wow factor went through the roof! The amount of thought that went into each character’s mechanical depth is astounding. On top of that, there is a Passive Grid that allows you to further increase you passive skills like damage, health, and elemental resistance. Every character’s skills can be upgraded, specialized, and even wiped to make a different specialization as you learn the game and find that perfect play style.

© Eleventh Hour Games

Monsters and Loot

As you play through Last Epoch, you’ll notice a variety of different enemies. Some may be bigger, more dangerous versions of enemies you’ve already faced and others are entirely unique to themselves. Enemies with potentially devastating abilities appear frequently in-game to throw you off. This keeps each fight engaging and allows you to try different strategies to besting each vicious horde.

Along with the enemies comes that sweet, sweet loot. The harder the enemy, the more rewarding the loot. Loot that can then be used 2 ways. Either sell it for gold at the shop or use Shattering Stones to break down magic items into shards. Shards that will then make the next items you craft that much stronger.

© Eleventh Hour Games

With it’s kickstarter concluded, with over 2,800 backers and $255,000 pledged, Last Epoch will enter into it’s Alpha stage in the coming months. As stated, the demo is still available via their website and is definitely worth checking out. Keep an eye out in Spring 2020 for this game.

Check out some of the gameplay our team here at Game Drakes put together below!

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