It’s no secret that the Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban spent most of the offseason to upgrade the Mavs locker room. This upgrade is much more than a face lift; it is a scientific experiment that Mavs owner Mark Cuban says he hopes doesn’t catch on to other teams in the league.

The locker room upgrade began with Cuban showing off a new feature, facial recognition. Anybody entering the locker room will get a picture taken of them and on a TV it will give players coaches notes and tell them what they are expected to do from that point. This feature also obviously gives the Mavs a leg up on not letting anyone in the facility that they don’t want to be there.

“The goal was to integrate anything and everything that could give us a competitive advantage,” Cuban told reporters. “We brought in experts from the casino industry to integrate lighting that stimulates energy and a complete renovation of our ventilation system so we could integrate oxygen and more into the air we deliver into the locker room.”

Cuban also notes that the design of the locker room allows for better sound.

“Sound-wise, acoustically it’s much better for a coach to be able to speak,” Cuban told reporters.

The lockers themselves still have all the original things such as safes, places for players to hang their clothes, a refrigeration unit to keep their drinks cold, and a TV with all connectivity devices used for training and personal use.

It is safe to say this is just the beginning of new technology used in locker rooms for sports teams, but clearly Cuban thinks he is giving his players a very technological advantage this season because there are no other locker rooms like it in the NBA.

“The key issues here are the lighting and the oxygenation…take a deep breath and you can feel it already and that’s what our guys are feeling,” Cuban said. “We think it’s important and we think it will help.”

Lindsey Jones

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