While Ninja Sex Party may be just months away from its 10-year Anniversary, the band had yet to perform in the city of Dallas. For their loyal fans, the years worth of anticipation was more than evident. From the moment The Bomb Factory doors opened, chants of “Danny Sexbang,” “Ninja Brian,” “NSP,” and more filled the air. The crowd’s energy would not falter as the night wore on.

The show opened with Planet Booty, an indie duo in the same vein as LMFAO. Although I hadn’t heard of Planet Booty prior, the crowd was so white hot for their antics you would’ve thought they, in fact, were the headline act. As Dan Avidan (Danny Sexbang) would say later, the band reaches levels of on-stage nudity that other acts could only dream of.

Following Planet Booty was TWRP (Tupperware Remix Party), a Canadian rock-techno band with more than a little influence from Daft Punk. The band broke out several of its best tracks, including Synthesize Her, Together Through Time, Atomic Karate, Body Image, and Rock N Roll Best Friends. The group’s showmanship was off the charts, bringing fresh humor while spotlighting each member’s quirky personalities. Thankfully, they wouldn’t be done for the night as all throughout Tour De Force 2018, they’re pulling double duty as Ninja Sex Party’s backup band.

When the moment finally came and NSP hit the stage, entering to the NSP Theme Song, the roof damn near blew off of The Bomb Factory. Blending their brand of comedy with phenomenal their chemistry with TWRP, they had the entire audience singing along to literally every lyric -including harmonizing. The crowd was hanging on lead singer Dan Avidan’s every word, breaking into random chants for Ninja Brian as his antics moved from the keyboard to the rest of the stage throughout the night.

Some of the hits NSP played include: Cool Patrol, Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Right Round, Heart Boner, The No Pants Dance, Orgy For One, Danny Don’t You Know, The Hit, Unicorn Wizard, and a special acoustic performance of one of their earliest hits, Dinosaur Laser Fight.

After finishing their set with Danny Don’t You Know, the band returned moments later for not one but two encores, adding in Everybody Wants to Rule the World and The Hit before saying goodbye and promising to return to Dallas again soon. Normally such a statement would be expected, perhaps even hollow, but given the love the crowd showed not only Ninja Sex Party but TWRP and Planet Booty as well -not to mention Avidan’s repeated moments of being taken aback by the crowd reaction- it felt genuine.

This was a phenomenal show bursting with energy from start to finish and one those in attendance are not likely to forget anytime soon.

Darreck W. Kirby

Founder of The Dallas Prospect, Darreck took a love for writing, analysis, and sports and brought them together in one site. Whether tracking the latest Cowboys stats and trends or breaking down film analysis for the latest flick, Darreck does it all.