Just 24 hours after the official release of their second full-length album, Thread, Red Sun Rising stopped through Dallas to play the intimate venue, Trees in historic Deep Ellum. Joined by Exo-Tension, Reflecting Echoes, and Dark Avenue, Red Sun put on a high-octane show that had the audience bouncing around and singing along to every verse.

Admittedly, I hadn’t heard of Exo-Tension or Reflecting Echoes before, but fans of the Fort Worth and Austin-based bands (respectively) certainly traveled well to help support them. While Exo-Tension’s set appeared to be mostly covers, they did sprinkle in some of their own original work as well. Reflecting Echoes, meanwhile, had a very unique sound, taking the “Echoes” part of their name quite literally in every sense. It was a sound the crowd grooved on and definitely the kind of thing I’d expect to come out of Austin.

Where the show really shined, however, was the final two acts. I’ve seen Dark Avenue in concert 3 times now and have yet to be disappointed by one of their performances. Bringing a modern flavor of heavy groove-filled hard rock and alternative metal -not to mention the fantastic vocals of frontman, Mario Kdna– Dark Avenue took the energy in the room and supercharged it. What’s more, the band’s chemistry (with each other and the audience) and their general vibe provided a perfect lead in to the headlining Red Sun Rising. Dark Avenue is currently recording some new music and will have a new album out this Spring. I absolutely plan to review that here on the site whenever it’s released.

Now, on to the aforementioned headliner. Red Sun Rising is about as high-energy a live act as you can get, with everyone from lead singer, Mike Protich to guitarists, Ryan Williams and Dave McGarry bounding around on stage and generally losing their minds to the delight of those in attendance. Given the latest album’s release the day prior, their set mostly consisted of tracks from their debut album, Polyester Zeal, along with their crowd-pleasing cover of Alanis Morissette‘s Uninvited.

Their set list consisted of established staples like Push, My Muse, the Uninvited, and their mega-hit show closer, Emotionless. In addition to those tracks, the band highlighted some samples from their latest album, such as the single Deathwish. Also featured from the new album was Veins, Lonely Girl, and Fascination. It was a solid blend of new and old for the band and it kept the audience both engaged and intrigued throughout.


All of these bands gave strong performances Saturday night in Dallas, and any of them would be worth tracking and going to see again. I especially recommend keeping an eye out for Red Sun Rising and Dark Avenue. Dark Avenue is located in the Dallas-area, so there are several opportunities to catch them live if you can’t make their next show. In fact, you can catch them performing live right here on TheDallasProspect.com next month when we live stream our interview with the band and their accompanying acoustic set at Mexi-Go Restaurant & Club.

As for Red Sun Rising, they only come to town 2-3 times a year most of the time, so I highly recommend stopping down the next time they pass through. If you’re looking for infectious, high-energy performances with fantastic vocals, Red Sun Rising is a band to check out.

Darreck W. Kirby

Founder of The Dallas Prospect, Darreck took a love for writing, analysis, and sports and brought them together in one site. Whether tracking the latest Cowboys stats and trends or breaking down film analysis for the latest flick, Darreck does it all.