Ah, Ninja Sex Party; a wonderfully ridiculous YouTube comedy band in the same vein as The Lonely Island. They might not have the same degree of exposure, obviously, but nearly 10 years into their run, they’ve built a fiercely loyal following due to their silly antics, inappropriate humor, and amusingly low-budget production. Sure, the latter might have simply been a limitation in their early days, but with more than 1 million total subscribers and 25 million views/year, the production quality is now more of a charming creative decision than necessity -though you could find more recent examples of their work to the contrary.

In 2001, Dan Avidan graduated with a degree in advertising, but rather than going to work in the industry, he made the surprising decision to instead chase his lifelong dream of music. Though admirable, it would be a decision that would take a number of years to begin paying dividends as he would float from band to band trying to find something that worked and could gain traction.

After several failed attempts to join established bands, Avidan would then turn his attention to another love of his, comedy. Inspired by groups like The Lonely Island and The Flight of the Concords, he would work to combine his love for comedy and music. Enter Brian Wecht: a comedian, musician, and… theoretical physicist?! Is that real? Holy shit it is… All right. yeah. Theoretical physicist. The duo would begin working together in 2009, forming the group Ninja Sex Party, ninjitsu-trained men who would try -and fail to win the affections of women with their music. In this format, Dan would create the character of Danny Sexbang, a lovable, albeit clueless self-described sex symbol.  Wecht, meanwhile, would become Ninja Brian, a keyboardist assassin with a proclivity for random violence.

The group would start out in various comedy clubs, not releasing their first music video until October 2009, I Just Want to Dance. Just a few months later, The Decision would follow, only to be discovered by Donald Glover, AKA Childish Gambino, who would then proceed to share the video on his page. The sudden surge in viewership would convince NSP to invest more heavily in the YouTube platform moving forward. Due to the band’s limited funds, however, each video had a budget of less than $1,000, prompting Dan and Brian to embrace the low-budget charm. Interestingly, however, the group wouldn’t really take off until their channel was discovered by Arin Hansen, the animator and lead personality of the video game let’s play channel, Game Grumps. Hansen would reach out to NSP and collaborate on the group’s music video, Dinosaur Laser Fight.

By 2011, the band had released enough songs to fill out a feature-length album, which they titled NSFW (Ninja Sex For Women). After the album’s release, however, Dan moved to Los Angeles while Brian moved to London to teach… sigh… theoretical physics. Still can’t get over that…


Despite the distance, the two would continue to write songs and then film as many videos as possible whenever Brian was back in the country. Doing this allowed them to then release their second album, Strawberries and Cream in 2013. In June of that same year, Dan would join Arin Hansen as the new co-host of Game Grumps, replacing Jontron. Though Grump fans were initially highly skeptical of Avidan, his charm and humor would quickly win the community over and even brought a huge wave of new fans to NSP.

From there, Ninja Sex Party has continued to release new music, including two cover albums of their favorite 80s songs titled Under the Covers 1 and 2, which they collaborated on with the electronic rock band, Tupperware Remix Party (TWRP).

NSP is simply prolific in their work-ethic, producing 4 albums in just over 4 years between their own original work and cover albums. Now, with yet another original album in the works, the band has launched Tour De Force 2018. NSP and TWRP come to Dallas August 12th at The Bomb Factory in Deep Ellum.

Darreck W. Kirby

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