Adapted from my latest article for Dallas Sports Fanatic (and picked up by Bleacher Report)
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For much of this season, the Dallas Cowboys defense has held this team’s head above water, keeping them in every game and giving the offense countless opportunities to post a record better than the 3-4 mark they entered Monday night with. What’s more, after Baltimore‘s performance Sunday, the Cowboys defense officially became the top-rated total defense in the league, allowing just a hair over 17 points per game. With a home game against the Tennessee Titans following a bye week, it looked to all be there in front of them as they tried to recover their season.

The Cowboys were unbeaten at AT&T Stadium this season. The bye week meant extra rest and additional preparation, although, to be fair, the Titans were also coming off a bye. It also didn’t hurt that Dallas had a new number one receiver in Amari Cooper to show off. His debut alone was all but guaranteed to invigorate Dallas’ sputtering offense. And for the first two or three possessions, it did just that. Then something strange happened. The vaunted Cowboy defense seemed to fold.

Darreck W. Kirby

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