Chidobe Awuzie CB should make leaps and bounds going into his 2nd year…

Defensive Back Terminology

Terms: Definition:

Bail- Technique used by DB from press alignment, to bail out before snap to area of responsibility

Box- Technique used to take on a block. Your nose to outside eye of blocker keeping your outside arm and leg free

Bump- Passing of coverage responsibilities of a receiver from one defender to another.

Buzz- Curl/Flat drop in 3 deep coverages

China- A combination route with 2 WR’s where #1 runs some sort of hitch or stop route 5 yards or under and #2 runs a deep corner.

Cloud- Run support call where the corner has the flat area and primary run support

Combo- Call made between two defenders in man coverage that tell them to play in and out vs. two receivers aligned close together.

Crack- A down block by a WR(Wide Receiver) on an outside defender.

Cushion- Vertical distance between receiver and defender

I/S Release- Inside release

O/S Release- Outside release

Lock- Coverage assignment on an offensive receiver given prior to snap. No in and out.

Loose- Term to tell coverage defenders to deepen alignment expecting pass

Man Turn- DB opens and turns towards his man when covering a WR.

Mug- Technique used by a corner in press alignment. Corner will jump at receiver on snap to try to catch him of guard.

Nasty- Call made by the corner to indicate a tight split by #1

Re-Route- Disrupt receiver before dropping to a Zone

Slant Technique- Corner technique, aligning and play inside slant route in Cov. 2 vs. 3×1 (by game plan)

Spill- Technique Used to take on a block using outside shoulder to force the football to bounce outside.

Splatter- Technique used to take on a block by cutting the inside leg to force the football to bounce outside.

Zone It- Call between 2 DB’s playing an up field in and out coverage on 2 receivers

Zone Turn- DB opens and turns towards the QB when covering a WR.

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