Dorance Armstong Jr | His game revolves around athletic ability over technique; however, I have to put a check mark by everything else. Although I love Michael Gallup, so far Dorance Armstrong is my 2018 Mystery player for The Dallas Cowboys 2018 Draft…

✔️Angular with long arms and well-defined build
✔️Plays with loose hips and plus agility
✔️Can be both smooth and explosive in his movements
✔️Features considerable acceleration from standstill and change of direction and pursues all over the field
✔️Has rush experience standing and with hand in the ground
✔️Able to hit accelerator once he gets to the embankment as rusher
✔️Good inside spin counter
✔️Bends and flattens to quarterback
✔️Effort level is consistent
✔️Active hands at point of attack
✔️Jarring initial punch with upper body twitch to discard blockers quickly
✔️Sees past blockers
✔️Has sudden responsiveness in his chase
Shows ability to sink and battle back against wash-down blocks

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