Armstrong is an intriguing prospect with the build and fluid athleticism of a shooting guard. Armstrong’s drop in production can be attributed to a change in scheme that asked him to play run first and pass second. His game revolves around athletic ability over technique, but his poor forty times at both the Combine and his pro day could cause concerns. Armstrong has the tools and upside to become an eventual starter at outside linebacker in a 3-4.


Angular with long arms and well-defined build
Plays with loose hips and plus agility
Can be both smooth and explosive in his movements
Features considerable acceleration from standstill and change of direction and pursues all over the field
Has rush experience standing and with hand in the ground
Able to hit accelerator once he gets to the embankment as rusher
Good inside spin counter
Bends and flattens to quarterback
Effort level is consistent
Active hands at point of attack
Jarring initial punch with upper body twitch to discard blockers quickly
Sees past blockers
Has sudden responsiveness in his chase
Shows ability to sink and battle back against wash-down blocks


Played as a 4-3 end, but may not have the frame for it moving forward
Will have to become comfortable standing and handling added duties as outside backer
Contact balance is slightly below average
Doesn’t have base and play strength to withstand squared blocks at point of attack
Will opt for athleticism over technique at times
Saw significant drop in production with sacks going from 10 to two and tackles for losses falling from 20 to 10
Too often a one-note rusher
Can do better job of setting up blockers before countering
Needs more effective use of hands in his rush and a go-to move

Sources Tell Us

“Don’t read too much into that sack total this year. They didn’t really cut him loose this year. I still like the talent and he will help himself at the Combine.” — NFC Director of Scouting

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